April 1, 2009

Jay RMJay RM is the consequence of years of fooling around with musical instruments and computer-based musical applications. It all started with piano lessons for about a year at the age of 8, and grew into an obssession. From Guitar to Drums, to VST's and Loops, a lot of different influences have all come together to create the sounds found in Jay RM. Once the music was strong, it was time to move on to production. Trained by Andrew Yankiwski at Precursor Productions, Julien Michaud finished his training in Production, Mixing and Mastering. Jay RM is essentialy a side project away from a Metal band and previous Electronica-based productions. A nice combination of previous works and new influences come together to bring out a totally new sound.

With the first album finally complete, Jay RM moves on looking for new sounds and new collaborations.

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